Opportunities need to be seized. Custom-fit, consistent, relevant for your target group, adequate and goal oriented. Here is how we can support you.

If you are looking for external support with regards to hotel & hospitality marketing we should get in contact.

Together with you and our network of professional hotel and marketing specialists we are happy to develop opportunities to increase revenue long-term. Whether you choose "off-“  or "online”-marketing, individual or whole concepts – do take advantage of our professionalism.

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Learning inspires people and their business.

If you put your emphasis on realistic, methodical effectiveness as well as motivational education, we are on the same page and share the same standards.

We are proud to offer custom-made trainings, which will quickly lead to positive results. We believe that training has to result in measurable, successful results.

We do not offer the complete range of educational training and standard offers, but only what we can professionally implement.



As their certified coach and mediator I accompany leaders and managers to a wide range of events for business coaching on the job.

The occasions may vary: quite often it is to prepare the manager for new tasks, actual leadership tasks, assistance in the decision-making process, team communication and conflict management, coping with stressful situations, or even an entire re-orientation.

My definition of coaching is to support and accompany the individual process for people who reflect on their career situation and strive to improve their status quo. My job is assisting at finding his or her answer to cut one’s own path.


Mystery Calls

For over 15 years, we have successfully supported notable clients with mystery calls as their communication specialists. Depending on the individual request and demand, we provide tele coaching immediately after the test call to train staff directly ‘on the job’. Thus, sustainable optimisation of the service quality or process improvement can be achieved.

Clients who use mystery calls as a tool, gain valuable information about the quality of the services they provide over the phone. Mystery calls can be placed in various divisions, whereupon the target may vary. The evaluation of our caller is based on precisely defined objectives that are developed together with our clients.


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